Complete System COCOON (3 cards incl.)

Your COCOON 5G - E-Smog - Frequency Room Converter incl. the Box, AC Adapter and 3 Frequency Cards. (E-Smog, Sleep well & Hawaii Harmony)


KLOUD Complete System

The KLOUD Complete System includes your KLOUD maxi (169 x 68 cm), KLOUD mini (110 x 43 cm), linth cleaning glove, 2 Int. AC Adapters, Centropix-branded carrying bags, EMF Scan and User manuals.


Complete System BUBBLE

The Complete BUBBLE package includes your BUBBLE pendant necklace straps and charge cable


7 Frequency COCOON Card Pack

The COCOON Card Package includes seven converter cards, helping you restore harmony and balance to your home. Cards included are Concentration, Relax & Regeneration, Sport & Fitness, Food, Animal, P-Frequency, I-Frequency.


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